Sour Patch Peach (56g)

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Sour Patch Kids Peach

So the package reads “peach,” but think about it: grape, cherry, strawberry, blue raspberry… are all of these fruits actually berries?

Well, to be honest, not technically. But then again, when would you ever expect those wayward Sour Patch kids to tell the whole truth anyways!

…Dont Worry

But don’t worry, they’ll make it up to you, like these naughty-but-nice tykes always do. Despite their slight deceptions, these Berry Patch Kids are utterly delicious! Though they’re sanded with a tongue-tingling sour coating, you can expect to find a sweet and gentle center to each soft jelly candy. They might not technically be berries, each delicious “berry” flavor is sure to please any fan of the beloved candy!